Daughter of R. Kelly mentions besieged singer’s ‘monster’

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Daughter of R. Kelly mentions besieged singer’s ‘monster’

11 January 2019 04:45
11-01-19 04:45
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Update: 9 minutes ago


For the first time since the release of the documentary Surviving R. Kelly, on the of including the sexual abuse defendant singer R. Kelly, has one of his kids through social media on all of the resulting commotion to respond. His daughter, Joann Lee Kelly, better known as Buku Abi, said Thursday in an emotional statement on her Instagram Stories.

“To all the people who think that I should speak against anything that is currently going on, I want to let you know that I have complete piece and then I still quietly out. It is absolutely not my intention to be indifferent about coming by only now to respond. I pray for all the families and the women who have been touched by my father’s actions,” said Buku Abi on her Instagram.

She says that it is not a secret is that they have no relationship with her father. “I speak not for him, and speak now also not for him. Due to personal reasons, his decisions and everything that my family has suffered and endured by him, it is, unfortunately, years ago that my brother, sister and I talked to him. The same is true for my mother Andrea, she has been no more contact with him.”

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