‘Criminal Minds’ will give up after fifteen seasons later

cd55f97de436ed91c33b3c55c23867fe - 'Criminal Minds' will give up after fifteen seasons later

The successful and long-term misdaadserie ‘Criminal Minds’ disappears after the fifteenth season of the tube. the final season will be only ten episodes long, and is this year being broadcast. That reports The Hollywood Reporter.

With a total of no less than 325 episodes is ‘Criminal Minds’ is one of the longest-running television dramas ever broadcast – decades-old soapseries not taken into account. The famous misdaadserie, that the life and work of an FBI team follows, since september 2005, continuous, on the American CBS. Also counts the program quite a lot of fans. In Flanders, the episodes of ‘Criminal Minds’ to look at FIVE.

The series had the last few years a number of controversies. So was actor Thomas Gibson, in spite of the key role that he is in the series performed, in 2016, after eleven seasons, fired after an alleged argument with one of the producers. Later, entertainmentmagazine Variety to the light that Greg St. Johns, an employee behind the scenes, in spite of accusations and a criminal investigation surrounding abuse his job would not lose.

The pictures of the fifteenth and final season would be this spring. Later, in 2019, should the slotseizoen be broadcast.

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