Already up to five meters of snow and more is coming: Austria and Germany overwhelmed

The avalanche risk is in many places in Germany and Austria increased to level 5, which is a huge danger. Villages are cut off from the world, and in three German regions, the state of emergency was declared. A speedy recovery is not yet in sight. ‘Against next Monday is 70 to 100 cm of snow,” says weatherman David Dehenauw.

Today there is even sneeuwpauze’, but this weekend there is so much snow and wind, what is the situation according to the German weather services ‘life-threatening’. In a hundred years time there was not as much of the white stuff as it is now. ‘The problem is that the weather maps do not move’, says David Dehenauw. “There is a north – to noordwestenstroming with much of the precipitation that there is constantly snow continues to cause.’

With all the consequences. In the German Berchtesgaden, near the Austrian border, are 350 people fully embedded. The army and the fire brigade were requisitioned to the immense mass of snow from roofs to pick up and also the track again clear of snow. Tracked vehicles bringing food and medicines to. The mayor announced the state of emergency.

Also in other parts of Germany and Austria, there were no trains running more and went to different highways, so cars spend hours stuck. On the A8 motorway in Bavaria, came a woman in the queue of the cold. In the region around Chemnitz, in the German state of Saxony, was given to the police only yesterday, 275 reports of accidents.

Because also the roads to ski areas are closed, sit tourists in the popular places, Lech, Obertauern, Zürs and Hallstatt. In the resorts itself is also a part of the slopes closed due to avalanche risk. On some of the peaks would be less than five metres of snow. Wednesday came in St. Anton is still a boy of 16 to be with an avalanche. All stressed the Austrian minister for Tourism that it is safe “for one who follows the rules and is not outside the wide slopes go’.

The problems do not occur also in the Czech republic. There were yesterday of 9,000 households without electricity due to heavy snowfall. And on the Swiss Schwagälp rolled an avalanche up in a hotel. It fell several injured. Because also cars and pedestrians swept away, fearing the emergency services that there are also people among the snow layers. Last night, they sought to missing persons.

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