A look behind the scenes of The Security of the country

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In the seven-part series of The security of the country gives One a unique look behind the scenes of the crisis centre of the FPS Home Affairs, the heart of the security network in our country. The series shows how the federal crisis centre around the clock interacts with other security services to the citizens in our country, as well as secure and protect. Experience for the first time, major events, demonstrations and incidents from a unique perspective.

Six months were allowed to the creators of this series, the goings-on follow behind-the-scenes with the main players in the Belgian security landscape. As they followed the duty service of the crisis center, 24/7, and is in contact with all security agencies, and large and small events follow. Also in the communication department that is responsible for the parts of fast and correct info to the people and the journalists, was filmed.

The series shows how the department of planning, our country prepares for the most various disasters – both on paper and large-scale exercises, where colleagues of the Civil Protection, the army, the special units of the Federal Police and of the fire procedures, testing and fine tuning at the hand of true-to-life oefenscenario.

In The security of the country, we are also for the first time from a surprising angle behind the scenes of major events. The creators filmed a NATO summit from the first row in Room 15, the nerve centre of the federal crisis centre where all the security services together the whole event to follow closely and be ready if there is a coordinated follow-up is required. But she followed, during which top Police of Brussels on the site, just as in the ceremony of the Red Devils on the Grand-place in Brussels. We see how the people of the Civil Protection is preparing for the National Parade and on the 21st of July itself, we experience the great day of the Belgian security services in the wake of the chef Protocol. We come to know what role the Voetbalcel has in the protection of spectators at matches in the Belgian football competition, and see how local authorities work together to the Gentse Feesten secure.
A look behind the scenes of our safety network

The crisis centre of the FPS Home Affairs monitors all safety aspects that may have an impact on Belgium, and on all those who live and work in. The centre is a risk-analytics and high risk events and events closely in the holes. In the first instance, the crisis center a coordinating function. Depending on the risk or threat, it collects the right specialists around the table so that quick action can be taken if necessary. Those risks range from a possible terrorist attack on cyber threat to the yellow vests that energiedepots block or politiecombi’s on fire.
In that way, the crisis centre is a real hub in our safety network and it is constantly in consultation with various security agencies, each with specific expertise.

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