Win a duoticket for Colette, with Keira Knightley!

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From January 16 you can go to the movies, go look at ‘Colette’, a true story about a French writer in the 18th century against conservative shins kicked with sexy novellas. Win here your duoticket!

‘Colette’ is a true biographical drama about the French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, with a stunning Keira Knightley in the title role.

Do you feel like a duoticket to win for this film? Join our competition, and with a little luck will find you soon two tickets to Colette in your mailbox!


The true story of Colette begins when they are as simple plattelandsmeisje around 1900 as a young bride of the famous, but now-destitute writer Henri “Willy” Gauthier-Villars, her entrance in the Parisian high society. Bored with her new existence, she writes her diaries filled with her sexual fantasies, which eventually under Willy’s name will be published if the novellereeks Claudine. The sensual stories are a hit, and Willy and Colette grow up the most famous couple in France. To Willy her one day betrays.

Colette tells the fascinating life story of one of the most famous female authors of France who are the prudish country upside down with her sexy novellas about Claudine and later Gigi. Keira Knightley plays the lead role in this new film, Wash Westmoreland (Still Alice).
Colette, from January 16 in the cinema.
Best of luck with the contest!!!

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