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Why you going to ‘The day’ should look

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After months of behind-the-betaalmuur at Telenet, is “The day” by Jonas Geirnaert and Julie Mahieu tonight ein-de-lijk appear on television. Even then the disaster was a long time coming, this is a Flemish series that is completely ahead of the curve.

Series if The day is now more than one time in premiere. The real starting shot was this spring already. Because Telenet, owner of both Four and Woestijnvis, offered the …

Series if The day is now more than one time in premiere. The real starting shot was this spring already. Because Telenet, owner of both Four and Woestijnvis, offered the series at once on its platform. Such exclusive preview deals should prestigereeksen also for commercial stations as Four keep it affordable. The disadvantage is that the mechanism for the large boom-paukeslag of such a series does melt away. The series is in parts and pieces launched – Telenet has also a VR-game and the whole series in a marathon session in July on the film festival of Ostend.

Yet Four everything done for The day now back on the map: this will broadcast went an impressive advertising campaign in advance.

We watched the entire series more than a half year ago already completely out. And yes, she is all the hoopla worth it. This is why.

1. It is of Jonas Geirnaert

Correction: The day was written by Jonas Geirnaert and Julie Mahieu, his girlfriend. The original idea comes from her. With this series proves her indisputable talent, but that The day the first series is where Jonas Geirnaert, one of the largest tv

talents of his generation, his name as creator between the credits is, it would be already enough in the coming weeks, every Thursday night klokvast on your sofa to take place. A warning, however, who was a comedyreeks or satire expected, is it for the effort. The day is pitch black, dark and as well as humorless.

In addition, Geirnaert and Mahieu particularly long on the series worked. The initial idea was there even back in 2008, on their trip around the world in 2012, they have for weeks been working to lay the groundwork. After they The ideal world on celebrate going pulled had, they have another four years to work.

2. The vertelsperspectief is daring

The day is a disaster with heist elements. In a bank, employees and casual visitors hostage to the robbers time to make a safe to crack. The story is each time as two episodes told. In the first episode we see what happens outside the bank happens, the next episode shows what is there now in the bank happened.

Mahieu and Geirnaert have managed that formula all the way to the end to maintain. That is certainly unique for Flemish fiction and the writing process as complex. Certainly six episodes long they manage, to us, perfect in to the story so wildly exciting. Later, during the settlement slows down, which is rigid structure to the story. The settlement is not as good as the buildup, but eventually for a lot of series – even those with a prestigious American label. The narrative structure is also the reason why Four-two episodes in one fell swoop will send.

3. Sofie Decleir

Sofie Decleir (48) is the discovery of this series. With understated simplicity, she plays a gijzelingsonderhandelaar that this command gets just as her father is dying. It is unbelievable that an actress of this caliber in such a small language area like Flanders so long under the televisieradar is preserved. It was eventually Michiel Devlieger, director of fiction at Woestijnvis, which Decleir involved in the project. In The day proves Decleir that she is an actress of world-class.

4. The end of the first episode

That goes to the marrow.

5. It is full of little gifts

The series is very refined. There is not a word too many in said to and about each shot is thoroughly thought out. However, Mahieu and Geirnaert, together with the directors Gilles Coulier (Bevergem, Cargo) and Dries Vos (Biker Boys), The day is full of small visual gifts stopped. In the first episode there is a shot where the camera minutes continued filming and without the cutting of one character to the other jumps.

Also is the series full of small cameos. If you look closely, you will recognize Mahieu itself, but also Lieven Scheire, for example. Jelle De Beule, who in Callboys all doing very well as an actor, even has a larger supporting role.

The day tonight at 20.35 hours (two episodes) on Four.

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