What is with R. Kelly?

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What is with R. Kelly?

January 10, 2019 07:28
10-01-19 07:28
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The world was for a long time on his feet, though the first stories about sexual abuse by R. Kelly in the nineties already emerged. For years it seemed his career not to suffer from all the allegations, but there now seems to be slow to change. What has R. Kelly on his might?

R. Kelly was born Robert Sylvester Kelly, and began his musical career in the nineties in the r&b group Public Announcement. In 1993, he came up with his first solo album: 12 Play. Music was not his only talent: for a while he combined the music with a professional career as a basketball player.

In 2011, the singer was, that when the world hits like I believe I can fly, If I could turn back the hands of time and The world’s greatest on his name, Billboard named the most successful r&b artist of the previous 25 years. Worldwide he has more than 75 million albums and singles sold, and he worked with greats like Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, The Notorious B. I. G., and Aaliyah.

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