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WADA will finally get access to data of antidopinglabo in Moscow

Officials of the world anti-doping agency WADA have Thursday gained access to the data stored in the antidopinglabo of Moscow is saved. That confirmed the Russian minister of Sport Pavel Kolobkov.

“It started with the installation of equipment to the database to copy”, let Kolobkov noted in a comment to Russian news agency TASS. “All technical and organizational details were discussed.”

The Kremlin had earlier this week is understood that the WADA, the data still could not get “due to logistical problems”. So there was disagreement about the equipment to which the data should be stored.

The Russian anti-doping agency Rusada had until december 31, the time to the experts of WADA to provide access to the data. The WADA wants to be in Moscow data recovery for the period of which Russia is accused of large dopingfraude (2011-2015). When the deadline was not met, went to a lot of votes to Russia to re-suspend. In september, the country was, after three years of suspension by WADA reinstated.

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