“VRT is in need of sustainable, stable funding, and continuity”

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“After the biggest fiscal effort ever – 131 million euro over the past ten years – and a significant reduction of the number of FLEMISH employees, we assume that the Flemish government is aware that the VRT is in need of a sustainable, stable funding, and continuity.” That the chairman of the board of directors, Luc Van den Brande, today said during his nieuwjaarsspeech. Managing director Paul Lembrechts, for his part, sees in programs and initiatives with social impact an existential argument for the VRT.

Van den Brande points out that for the realization of the VRT command is a sustainable funding is important: “This is a reasonable question. All the more so because, due to the efforts of the assistance to the lowest of the EBU belongs to. Our request to restart the operational resources to indexing, to me seems no more than reasonable,” she said.

“Each year, with z’n all the prescribed objectives. Not simply, but with purpose to the Flemish society forward. The critical limit of savings is achieved, and now takes an already incredible efforts in order to keep afloat,” says Van den Brande.

Managing director Paul Lembrechts wished, first and foremost, the VRT staff to thank for the success and the impact of The Warmest Week. “Programs and initiatives with social impact, are an existential argument for the VRT,” he said. “We have the range necessary. Range achieve are relevant. We can only be relevant if we Flanders from the inside know. And if we are thus relevant – by recognisable, real and ‘close to us’ – we have impact. That impact sets us apart. That makes us the public service broadcaster, the broadcasting of all the Flemish people, new and old, without distinction, of Flanders in all its diversity, a diversity that we absolutely cherish. Now, we need a strong need a media company to which social impact can have. And not the other way around. There we will, there will I fight,” said Lembrechts.

“Our future lies in the full part of this society,” says Lembrechts. “We are that already, and therefore I speak the utmost confidence in our mission, in all that the VRT cares about, anyone who as I of the VRT, and in a future of VRT and sterkhouder of the whole of Flemish society. Together we can not break.”

Van den Brande was also about the planned demolition of the car park, which is in the course of this year planned. “From then on, it will Reyers during years one large yard. It should be a ‘promotional’ yard, because it’s not only about breaking down and building up, but about a new place that the employees will motivate and an additional spirit and breathe out for creativity”, says the chairman of the board of directors.

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