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Vital Borkelmans picks up six on six with Jordan, but players make for hilarity with a failed free kick

The Jordan of head coach Vital Borkelmans has Thursday at the Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates, his second victory in as many matches booked. Jordan defeated in Abu Dhabi neighboring Syria 2-0. On the first day surprised the Jordanians, already by defending champion Australia 1-0 to knock.

Borkelmans and co were against Syria to the rest already on a double lead thanks to hits from Al-Tamari (26.) and Khattab (43.). After the break, it was not scored.

Six on six, so for Borkelmans and co, but nevertheless there were the Jordanians for a particularly witty moment. A free kick, they wanted the opposition on the wrong foot. That failed, however, completely and the trap on the objective ended up egg so the cornervlag.

In the standings in group B will Jordan with the maximum of six points. The other duel on the second day, between Palestine and Australia, stands Friday on the program. On the slotspeeldag wait for Borkelmans and Jordan is still an unnecessary duel with Palestine, Australia affects Syria.

Earlier in the day won Thailand in group A with 1-0 Bahrain. Later in the day, the other duel in that group to have a place, host UAE vs India (at 17: 00 Belgian time).

The first two teams of each of the six groups qualify for the eighth finals, as the four best troisième.

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