Trump gets furious on from consultation on budget

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The American president Donald Trump on Wednesday in a tweet announced the door behind the budget negotiations to have slammed shut. Before that, he was evil, he just walked out of a consultation on the budget with the Democrats.

“I’ve just had a meeting with Chuck (Schumer, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, ed.) and Nancy (Pelosi, the Democratic leader in the House, red.) leave. A and all a waste of time.’, tweette Trump.

“I asked what was going to happen within the thirty days if I fast a few things it would cover. You can then go your give approval to a wall or a steel fences? Nancy said ‘no’, I said ‘byebye’. Nothing else works!

Schumer confirms in a comment that Trump has moved on from the consultation. “The president is just rose, and out walked’, according to the Democratic leader, that the behavior of Trump ‘quite inappropriate for a president.”

‘Very sad’

Pelosi says that the failure of the consultation as ‘very sad’, because a lot of federal officials due to the ongoing shutdown within a few days may not be cashed out. “The president is insensible to his,” she says.

The shutdown, which is a large part of the U.s. government has shut down, is already in its third week. In a televised address early Trump by the end of Tuesday to support the wall that he wants to build America’s southern border with Mexico. Trump wants to be in the budget of 5 billion Us dollars for the construction of the limes wall between Mexico and the United States, one of his biggest election promises, but the Democrats – that the House of Representatives in their hands – want to not know.

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