Third film adaptation of Frank Herberts ‘Dune’ in the making

3871cb1f9d876da0ef059eb9bb63873a - Third film adaptation of Frank Herberts 'Dune' in the making

Writer Frank Herberts science-fictionklassieker ‘Dune’ is, for the third time, filmed. After David Lynch in 1984, the three-part tv mini series from 2000, and the documentary from 2013 about the failed ambitious attempt of the Chilean comic book artist-cultcineast Alejandro Jodorowsky to the sf masterpiece in the 70’s on film to get, this year it is the turn of the Canadian sterregisseur Denis Villeneuve.

Villeneuve, who previously sf-experience with the sequel to ‘Blade Runner’ (2017) and ‘Arrival’ (2016), wrote the screenplay, and is busy doing his cast to put together. After Timothée Chalamet, since ‘Beautiful Boy’ in Flanders famous the world over, and Rebecca Ferguson, knew the Canadian also Stellan Skarsgard, to tie. The famous Swedish actor will play the role incarnate of the fat baron Vladimir Harkonnen, the villain from Herberts novels. Chalamet plays the character of Paul Atreides, the key role played in the film by Lynch was played by Kyle MacLachlan.

The story about the search for the life-prolonging spice ‘melange’ is set on the planet Arrakis in the year 10.191.

With the recordings this spring began in Budapest and Jordan. Villeneuve has already stated that he has at least two Dune movies. Condition for this is that the firstfruits of sufficient (commercial) success.

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