The Dutch buy massive rainbow flags as a counter-reaction to ” conservative seksmanifest’

That the Nashvilleverklaring in the Netherlands on a cold stone is fallen, has a counter reaction triggered: the rainbow flags fly out the door. Municipalities and individuals buy the flags to show support to the LGBT community, but there are also churches that have their support.

The Nashvilleverklaring place women, lgbt and young people that sex before marriage on the defensive. She comes over from the United States.

“The demand for rainbow flags has quadrupled compared to last year this time’, says the * Dokkumer Flags Central to The Parool. The last days got to the store hundreds of orders, their stock is exhausted. Especially churches ordering the largest flag available.

Flanders notes little of that rush at the regenboogvlag. The Flemish LGBT umbrella Çavaria, which is also a private shop has received no additional orders within. ‘The Nashvilleverklaring comes from the protestant-conservative angle, I don’t know to what extent they are here resonance’, says spokesman Jeroen Borghs.

Also, the Antwerp LGBT bookstore Cardboard Boxes notice any difference in the sale of flags. Owner Johanna Only sees, however, that the Nashvilleverklaring on social media a lot of outrage it elicits from her environment.

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