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Spanish police takes out tennis players as related to matchfixingschandaal

The Spanish police last Thursday, fifteen suspects were arrested on suspicion of matchfixing in tennis. The 36-year-old tennis player Marc Fornell is here is one of them, reports the Spanish newspaper El País.

Under the name of Operación Bitures, the Guardia Civil in recent months, research is done after the Tennis Integrity Unit, an entity which defendant tennispartijen examine, reporting of irregularities. A hundred parties on the future – and challengerniveau were suspected of matchfixing.

Among the fifteen arrested are also the clients that the fraud states. There would be a total of 83 persons involved in the case, among whom are 28 active tennis players. When searches were luxury cars, a gun, false identification documents, jewellery, credit cards and has 167,000 euros in cash were seized.

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