Soon to be a second Tintin film of the duo Jackson-Spielberg

Fans of Tintin, the cartoon to which this year 90 years, may look forward to new work about the world famous fictional reporter. The duo of Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg would once again not only his shoulders, a film about Tintin, but maybe there’s also a new comic strip there planned. That has the editor-in-chief of the publishing house Casterman today declared on news channel Franceinfo.

There is past month a contract for a sequel to the first Tintin film secret of the unicorn” from 2011, confirmed editor-in-chief Benoît Mouchart. This time messrs Jackson and Spielberg, the roles reverse: Peter Jackson produces while Spielberg the director.

About the scenario are still no decisions taken, but there are different ways of thinking. “Maybe we make a mix of ‘king Ottokar’s sceptre’ and ‘The case of Sunflower'”, speculates Mouchart. “When you have a trilogy in Hollywood, is the second film always a bit darker. An adaptation of the story of ‘king Ottokar’s sceptre’ is thus located within the possibilities.”

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