Romanie Schotte’s followers lost

166fb2022e7ae434c070e4a183c7bd90 - Romanie Schotte's followers lost

Bad luck haunts former Miss Belgium Romanie Schotte. Some hackers were able to earlier this week, ugly household on her account on Instagram. Schotte had thousands of according to, but suddenly there was the account to purchase. Have a large number of followers this Instagram page is blocked or follow them no more. For Schotte, who also influencer is, is the loss of followers to a small drama. In the newspapers of “media house”, we read on Thursday that the 10,000 th follower will be treated will be on a date with Romanie. “There may, however, be a challenge to hanging,” laughs Romanie mysterious.
For the former Miss Belgium, france, the event was particularly inconvenient because they is plenty in the block, and last Thursday, her second exam. People who are amused to the account of Romanie Schotte hacking is not clear.

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