Reynders: ‘Congolese elections were chaotic’

a884a22e44806c2ec71bdba19c1b7e80 - Reynders: ‘Congolese elections were chaotic’

The kiesproces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ‘chaotic’. That has minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders (MR) Thursday declared on the RTBF. He says to have an understanding for the concerns which in different places is already being expressed.

The national electoral commission has Wednesday night, on the basis of preliminary results, oppositiekandidaat Félix Tshisekedi declared the winner of the presidential elections in the Congo.

The result was immediately controversial by the other oppositiekandidaat Martin Fayulu, which is on the second place came out. He was referring to an ‘electoral coup’.

‘Where we are now on waiting, is the response of the Congolese themselves, just as those of the observers who have had the opportunity to see how the elections will be expired”, responding minister Reynders.


“We have asked that the results would be published. The electoral commission has a provisional publication done, that shows that today there is an evolution in the debate and in the country, in each case with the election of an opponent of the candidate of the regime, but it is a process that is chaotic expired’, was the deputy prime minister continued.

The minister gave that he is aware of the concern that is being expressed and that he would then respond around the table of the UN Security council.

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