Raf Jansen is now a full-time actor

098ffb0da7c1a8a6ed3ee85084167c2a - Raf Jansen is now a full-time actor

The are turbulent times for Raf Jansen as an actor. He goes ‘Home’ for five years in the skin of agent Dieter, where he recently with Sandrine a child has been shot. In the Beginning, he tells us that he is stopped as a head teacher and a career break, has taken since 1 september. First, he was a part-time head teacher, but because of his role as Dieter became bigger and bigger he decided then but to his function as head teacher at least for a while. The screenwriters were sometimes content to larger story lines for him to write what we read in the weekly.
The regularity of the education is for Raf Jansen now so lost. Next to ‘Home’, he is also in the evening more often on the road as an actor. Some people declared the actor to be crazy, and he received comments like “you Know what you specify, each month you have as a school principal a fixed salary and now we have to wait”. If it would ever stop at ‘Home’, he can always go back to the education.

(Nico Vanaken)

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