Public observatory Mira calls the new dome to weatherman Frank Deboosere

Public observatory Mira Grimbergen calls the new dome, which will soon be working together with a new 50 cm-spiegeltelescoop in service is taken, to VRT weatherman Frank Deboosere. That happens out of gratitude for the many lectures that Bush there, over the years, gave in the framework of the Astroclub, a series that he on the 28th of december, in the presence of 200 audience growth.

The new dome can accommodate 25 to 30 people, while in the previous Schmidt-dome it replaces, only 10 to 15 people within could. That he two doors has in place one will flow strong. In addition, a 50 cm-spiegeltelescoop installed with some additional viewers as a 80 mm-lenzenkijker with a eyepieces.

The works are now in the last phase ended. Thus, the mechanism of the dome perfected yet, the optics are still ‘collimated’ (the accurate alignment of the optical elements) and the automation is optimized. “Within the shortest of times and you are dome and telescope is a normal part of a visit to Mira,” said the volksterrenwacht in its newsletter.

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