Process seksmisbruik of Harvey Weinstein recorded may 6,

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In Manhattan, New York, is the date of 6 may, laid down for the treatment of the case of alleged sexual abuse by film producer Harvey Weinstein. In addition, there is the nuance that dates for processes in the USA never completely “fixed”-and such dates are often delay treatment. It is not clear how “fixed” the date of may 6 is for the judge and the lawyers of Weinstein. A spokesman for the court in Manhattan called the date of 6 may “not officially” and “rather met”.

Most likely the lawyers to delay questions, especially as to the charges is also a collective or “class action” proceedings have been filed by different women.

Lawyer Elior Shiloh showed Monday already understand that a grace period of seven months, fair would find it, “so mr. Weinstein of his defence could properly prepare”.

Weinstein must be in Manhattan on trial for sexual assault against a production assistant in 2006 and the rape of another woman at the Doubletree Hotel in 2013. The accused denies that there are activities without permission would not have been made.

Weinstein is the risk to do this at least 10 years in prison, but that can still be injured by additional qualifications of criminal behavior.

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