“People who are speed cameras smashed, his imbeciles’

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Since the start of the ‘yellow shirts’movement in France, the vandalism against speed cameras has exploded.

‘Today, almost sixty percent of the radars damaged, attacked and destroyed by those who say of that movement, ” said the minister towards the press.

“I have on social media, some imbeciles seen posing beside fire radars. I hope that one day they will not be confronted with a fatality”, said Castaner. He calls the vandals ‘imbeciles, gewetenlozen and inconsequenten’.

According to official figures, France has around 3.200 fixed radars, of which 2,500 for the measurement of the speed intended. The damage of a speed camera can lead to a 30,000 euros fine and two years in prison, destruction of up to 75,000 euros and five years behind bars.

Since the summer wake speed cameras in France more and more anger of motorists who are against the reduction of the speed limit on secondary roads.

According to the French court of audit have the radars in 2017, the French state 1,01 billion raised.

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