‘No wages due to the shutdown? Looking for a little extra income and organize a flea market’

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By the blocking of the budget in the U.S., the so-called shutdown, thousands of American officials sent home without pay. A few tips from the coast guard for its employees for that loss of income to catch – ” find a source of extra income’ – not everybody’s good earth.

As long as there is no agreement about the annual U.s. budget continues, the shutdown is a fact. In addition, ‘non-essential’ federal government close and the personnel of those services are fully or partially sent home. That often happened, but the impasse means this time a very long time. It seems there’s also not that quick a solution from the bus will come as both parties have the leg stiff. President Donald Trump got yesterday, on the 19th day of the shutdown, still furious from discussions with the Democrats.

High political game that after three weeks more and more the feeling in the wallet of the officials without pay sitting at home. The Us coast guard to spread, therefore a (online) folder with a few tips to make the financial situation a little more bearable. A few obvious recommendations: go after exactly how it is with your working hours and salary, bring in a map of how you financially stand, and monitor your priorities if you spend money.

‘Bankruptcy is also an option’

The council that it does not hurt to save, is also to understand but quite a lot of people have trouble with the other suggestions of the coast guard. For example, the proposal to a flea market to organize to make some extra money in the coffers to get. Or for a little extra income to find babysitting, a person’s pets outlets, …. – to the family income supplement. However, one who not makes a living out, of his creditors, not to ignore sounds and who debts piles up, looking for the best professional help. A final note is even more dramatic: ‘Bankruptcy is a last option.’

After the Washington Post the coast guard to a response requested was the document taken offline. “The information in this document is not consistent with the efforts that the coast guard provides to its staff to support’, and had a spokesman to the newspaper. “Therefore, the document of the site.’

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