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Michael Vanthourenhout is mentioned for the first time, to compete for national title: “I have already won”

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Marlux-Bingoal explored Wednesday, the BK route is not in Kruibeke. However, the troops of Jurgen Mettepenningen together in the Flemish Ardennes for training. Michael Vanthourenhout is the team leader of the team and lives relax to the BK cyclocross.

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Michael Vanthourenhout showed over the past weeks one of the most consistent riders in the peloton, and is regarded as one of the outsiders for the CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday in Kruibeke. Despite the world and European titles at the youth was the rider of Marlux-Bingoal never on the stage at a Belgian championship. “A lot of BK-courses layers, I do not. Hopefully there will be a Sunday change,” he says.

“It is a competition where I greatly look forward to,” he continues. “I have the Poldercross in 2016 is already won (for Wout van Aert, red) and it is a cross on a trail where I can work with. I come maybe some strength deficit on the straights, but on the technical portion on the oblique sides, I can perhaps be a little advantage. It will probably be a course purely on the power. But if I have a good day, I can power also. Last year I had a total offday, but on Sunday I hope weather is good for the day to come. The weather will also play a role. If it rains, is there a pool of mud, and there I have certainly not fear it.”

Profits in 2016, a total offday in 2017. “I then wanted something to love to win after my victory from the previous year”, he gives as an explanation. ‘The stress has played me may be an issue. The pressure to win was too great, but I’m a year older and I can get better.”

Because Vanthourenhout can get pretty nice results the past few weeks. “I was almost anywhere on the stage where I no bad luck”, he is recorded by his team. “And in terms of feeling was the whole christmas season well. Diegem was in terms of feeling less, but I drove a very good result. In Brussels, I missed some freshness, but Sunday I should be fresh at the start. I am well out of the christmas season come, hopefully I can have a little hold.”

“It is the first time that I am called to join in for the title. This is probably also the best Michael Vanthourenhout who go to a BK. But Wout and Tone are the favourites. If anyone should be rushed, than they are. For them it must be a little bit more, but for me it is also very good if I second word. Give me but that role as the underdog. Let them a little bit to Show and Wout think, then we’ll see what we can tegendoen’. It is now just hope for that good day. A championship is a one day race: if you have a really good day, there can be a lot. And on a championship, I usually feel good.”

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