Management, VRT wants more money from the Flemish government

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Chairman of the Board of Directors Luc Van den Brande and Managing director Paul Lembrechts call in their nieuwjaarsspeeches for a public service broadcaster that is relevant and that can continue for the Flemish society. “We have a strong need a media company to which social impact can have.” That point of view today they have shared with the VRT staff at the beginning of the annual nieuwsjaarsfeest.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors congratulated Luc Van den Brande, the VRT staff with the work of the past year. “Year after year there are many programs of the VRT in the hearts of the people; the VRT informs, inspires and connects. The VRT is leading in the field of information, culture, entertainment, and sports. That is actually a very precise command of all the public service broadcasters in Europe; each of our public colleagues plays a not to underestimate woman’s role in the local media landscape.”
Managing director Paul Lembrechts joined thereto by the VRT staff to thank for the success and the impact of The Warmest Week. The Flemings collected a record amount of 17.286.122 euro for the 1986 charities. The VRT staff have together made possible. “The Hottest Week, that we have seen, heard, experienced, that are very many people who care for each other, care for each other, spontaneously, with enthusiasm, dedication, conviction. It is hope in some more anxious days. The Hottest Week, that is very cleverly done of you (VRT-employees, red.).”

Programs and initiatives with social impact are “an existential argument for the VRT,” says Paul Lembrechts. “We have the range necessary. Range achieve are relevant. We can only be relevant if we Flanders from the inside know. And if we are thus relevant – by recognisable, real and ‘close to us’ – we have impact. That impact sets us apart. That makes us the public service broadcaster, the broadcasting of all the Flemish people, new and old, without distinction, of Flanders in all its diversity, a diversity that we absolutely cherish, let that be clear.
“Now, we need a strong need a media company to which social impact can have. And not the other way around. We will, I will fight for,” said Lembrechts.

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