Lien Van de Kelder Thursday on the road with Jan

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Thursday you can on One kikjen to On the Way to Jan. Jan goes in the third episode of this season with singer, actress and attorney Lien Van de Kelder (36) to El Salvador. Not accidental, because in El Salvador wants to Lien have long been looking for a piece of family history. Her aunt Cécile’ founded there in the 70’s, a hospital and maternity ward. Also her uncle Bernard went there, but he was murdered. Lien wants the life her family like to see with your own eyes. It is an emotional visit. Lien tells Jan about her family with plusdochters: not an easy story. For Lien, it was plusmoederschap, at a young age and while they do not have a mother was a tough one. The daughters of her partner Hans had difficulties with the situation, especially when the Lien itself to her first child got. That everything is happy now for a while behind them, because in the meantime carry her plusdochters the little ones on hands, and the family is one friendly gang.

On the road with Jan, wed night at 21.10 hours on One.

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