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Lady Gaga is R. Kelly still off

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She plant her duet with R. Kelly of all the streaming services to pick up. After a new documentary about sexual abuse by R. Kelly Lady Gaga all ties with the singer cut.

Do What U Want (With My Body). Thus, it is called duet from 2013 Lady Gaga and R. Kelly. At least a very remarkable title. In that period, R. Kelly repeatedly accused of child pornography and abuse. And Lady Gaga is herself a victim of sexual abuse.

The singer defended R. Kelly for a long time, or was silent, at least about him. Until today, a week after a new documentary came out, Lady Gaga still all ties break with the popular singer. In that documentary accusing various women the singer that he is having sexual relations with young girls under the age of 16, when he already reached the age of majority. Others say that he is surrounded with women of whom he had sex slaves has been made, and today they are isolated from their environment. Lady Gaga would have refused to work with that docu.

But today, she apologizes for her mistakes in the past, in an extensive post on social media. “Sorry for my bad judgments of the past, and my late reaction.’

Gaga supports the women from the documentary 1000 percent’. She calls the allegations ‘absolute horror’, and ‘undefendable’. Her single with R. Kelly, promises and all the streaming services to remove.

The American court has yesterday announced the investigation into R. Kelly to re-open.

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