Lady Gaga apologizes for collaboration with R. Kelly

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Lady Gaga has apologized for a duet that they 2013, together with R&B singer R. Kelly has sung. The American singer wants the song “Do What You want (With My Body)” of all the streaming services remove. Currently there is an investigation against R. Kelly for sexual abuse of minors.

The singer offered her apologies after “Surviving R. Kelly” had seen. In this documentary it is shown how the 52-year-old R&B singer in the course of the years different women and minors are sexually abused. “I support these women to 1,000 percent, I know what they have gone through and believe them completely. I am convinced that their voice needs to be heard and that everyone they should take seriously”, says Lady Gaga.

R. Kelly is accused that he has from different women sex slaves has made and that he has sexual contacts with minors. Some of them were just 14 years old. The singer denies these allegations vigorously.

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