Kabila’s troops ready to take the protesters away to hunt

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Even before the announcement of preliminary election results led the government throughout the country thousands of soldiers and ordetroepen in preparedness. The fear for changes violence.

In the run-up to the publication of the provisional results of Congolese presidential elections, the past few days, a strong rumor mill in motion about an agreement between the …

In the run-up to the publication of the provisional results of Congolese presidential elections, the past few days, a strong rumor mill in motion about an agreement between the entourage of the outgoing president Joseph Kabila and oppositiekandidaat Félix Tshisekedi latter as the winner and future president forward would have to be pushed. Thisekedi’s ally Vital Kamerhe would in this scheme, the important man behind the scenes. Kamerhe – in 2011 another presidential candidate – was ever campagnechef of president Joseph Kabila and has his entourage by and by. Crucial safety functions according to that piste in hands of Kabila-who are faithful.

Everyone knew that both outcomes have a real recipe for violence were, for the last few days was from the findings of 40,000 observers of the catholic church proved that Martin Fayulu, the consensuskandidaat of five opposition movements, the real winner of the ballot.

A representative of Fayulu when the election commission was in the early evening with doors slamming left the meeting. ‘It runs not properly,’ she said. ‘Kabila is just the successor to the designate like Congo family affair.”

Call to protest

Hence, the organizations that have taken on the kiesproces, even before the official announcement of the provisional result is a shot across the bow, solved the problem and warned for fraud. ‘Only the results from the ballot box, should be published, “came the message from the authoritative Congolese bishops’ conference Cenco. ‘The country expects to have a celebration at the announcement of the elected president, no grief and more violence.’

The fever took even when various opposition organizations to the inhabitants of Kinshasa and other major cities were raised on the streets as it would appear that the correct results are not respected. Especially the popular people, Lucha and Filimbi were militant. ‘The announcement of results which are contrary to the truth, will we consider a constitutional coup.’

The fear for many Congolese it was also fueled by the fact that president Kabila in the past weeks and days in all corners of the country a huge security apparatus had been developed. Thus, from Kinshasa, and thousands of soldiers to oppositiesteden flown: Lubumbashi, and the Eastern Congolese cities of Goma and Bukavu. Also in the streets of Kinshasa patrolled heavily armed ordetroepen and drove armoured vehicles around.

Cobalt for smartphones

The mensenrechtenreputatie of the Congolese government forces and the police ordetroepen is very. The last three years came during demonstrations in Kinshasa and 300 civilians. In Eastern Congo, fell in two years 180 civilians killed in political violence, opponents arrested without process, imprisoned and tortured.

Quite a few experts locks therefore yesterday a further escalation not out of: large-scale political violence in some cities and regions more and more becoming a war situation begins to seem. The US embassy in Kinshasa, and urges Americans to the Congo to leave. It is hoped that the international community’s efforts will do to the violence to temper it. “The outrage of the international community will be enormous’.

With that last, not everyone agrees. In particular, the Congolese-Dutch author Alphonse Muambi fear that not only the Congolese leaders, but also the international community, the fair kiesresultaten consider less important than the economic gain that in the Congo can be made. “The real question that international players are asking themselves is not “who has the election won”, but “who gives us the most cobalt”. You know that both China, Europe and the USA, the hand want to impose on the huge resources of cobalt, which are necessary for the production of smartphones. The kiesvoorkeur of ordinary Congolese is subordinate to the economic interest.’

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