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How was it to work with Michael Schumacher?

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Michael Schumacher woke up during his career, perhaps the impression of cold, aloof and sometimes even conceited. People who worked with him have to tell the opposite, they have about a devoted, sweet and loyal man.

Someone who Schumacher through and through is undoubtedly Sabine Kehm. She met him when she was still a journalist was in 1994 and six years later she became the spokeswoman of the German. She taught Schumacher know yet for five consecutive Ferrari world championship titles as the antithesis of the cold, distant man who in the press was portrayed.

“Michael is always a very warm person,” said Kehm in ‘Beyond the grid’ on the official F1 website.

“He would not, however, that the outside world saw it as he was afraid that his competitiveness would undermine, at least to the outside world.”

Behind the scenes gave Schumacher her commands such as the birthdays come to know of the Ferrari staff and make sure that they have a sophisticated christmas gift from him received.

“That was something that was extremely important for him. He knew that he was demanding, but he had the feeling that he put them on one way or another, wanted to reward.”

Kehm has also yet about the comeback of the ‘rekordmeister’ at Mercedes in 2010. She was surprised when he called her and said that he had a conversation with Ross Brawn had had, and he asked them to consider the pros and cons and wanted to be in a row.

“I answered him: “That is not necessary, to make your voice heard, you have a decision already taken’. “No, not yet,” he responded but you could hear everything it was,’” said Kehm.

Schumacher would still have three years for Mercedes to drive, and despite the fact that he has only one podium finish and managed to score in that period is Kehm also of the opinion that he was one of the founders of the current successes of the legendary brand with the star.

“Michael has fought hard to get the right people to convince to get more money to invest and a great team. I may not be neutral, but I do think that Michael has laid the foundation for the current Mercedes.

He has made it clear: “If you do it, do it full throttle.’ They were then still more as a mid-engine, not as a world-class team.”

In 2012, his last year with Mercedes, there was already a progression is noticeable and he was also still a year longer, but he wanted according to Kehm spend more time with his family. Otherwise he might still be a few records sharper.

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