How two losers of the Congolese elections won

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Although there is little doubt that oppositiekandidaat Martin Fayulu the rightful winner of the Congolese elections, Félix Tshisekedi, the next president, thanks to the support of Kabila, which the security apparatus and the raw materials to continue to monitor.

A creative solution: that is the least you can say about the agreement between the entourage of president Joseph Kabila and oppositiekandidaat Félix Tshisekedi. The Congolese electoral commission …

A creative solution: that is the least you can say about the agreement between the entourage of president Joseph Kabila and oppositiekandidaat Félix Tshisekedi. The Congolese electoral commission calls the latter the winner of the presidential election, but that happened after about 24 hours of negotiations with the presidential camp.

The scope of this pragmatic deal are now clear. Kabila’s candidate Ramazani Shadary pulled apparently such a bad result that the Kabila camp couldn’t otherwise than to distance itself from its own poulain. Hence, Tshisekedi at the table was invited. He will get the presidency in the laps and some of his followers will be on key posts of the government and the administration end up.

In exchange reserves spilling over the control of the security apparatus: in particular, the intelligence services, the immigration service, the police and the army remain under the control of the current rulers. Most Congo experts are also agreed that Kabila and his men also a big part of the huge grondstoffenrijkdom may continue to exploit.

Security benefit

In the sea with Félix Tshisekedi, the current president is also a safety benefit. Félix is popular in Kinshasa but also in politically turbulent regions such as the Kasai and Katanga. His mighty right hand and former presidential candidate Vital Kamerhe is from the oorlogsregio South Kivu. With these two on board is likely to political widespread anger in those regions is less.

It is as good as established that the preliminary results controversial. The Congolese bishops ‘ conference Cenco will be later in the day, make a statement and it is expected that the results will reject. On the day of the elections had Cenco to 40,000 observers in the field and their findings have shown that Fayulu the winner was.

It is also afraid to wait or the frustration many voters to spontaneous demonstrations and violence will lead. Have many Congolese fear to take to the streets and that has everything to do with the massive security apparatus that is spilling over all over the country deployed. Both in Kinshasa and in the main towns, thousands of soldiers and agents are ready to offer demonstrations in the bud.

Who is Félix Tshisekedi?

Yet there was Félix Tshisekedi known as the heir of his famous father, Etienne Tshisekedi, the eternal opponent’ who two years ago died after he for decades had tried to be the president. In the seventies and eighties brought father Tshisekedi a hard but fruitless political struggle against dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, and in 2011 he lost the presidential election of Joseph Kabila, following a ballot that was marked by widespread fraud.

Even before the death of his iconic father was Félix Tshisekedi risen in the ranks of opposition party UDPS. In 2016, it looked briefly as he was after a political agreement with the Kabila regime as prime minister would be appointed. But then saw president Kabila not to a Thisekedi the power to share.

At the end of march 2018 is Félix was elected president of the UDPS and immediately sliding his followers him forward as a presidential candidate.

In november 2018, during the Geneva oppositiegesprekken, refuses Tshisekedi has to put up with the appointment of eenheidskandidaat Martin Fayulu. He pulls himself back from the consultation and decide to try his luck as presidential candidate. He does that with the aid of a other toppoliticus: Vital Kamerhe.

That last would be the past few days have played a crucial role in the negotiations with the Kabila entourage. Kamerhe was once Kabila’s campagnedirecteur and knows the presidential circles through and through.

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