Félix Tshisekedi the winner Congolese elections, Fayulu speaks of ‘electoral coup’

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In Congo has oppositiekandidaat Félix Tshisekedi surprisingly the presidential elections won. He must be Joseph Kabila to follow as head of state. The other oppositiekandidaat, Martin Fayulu, speaks of ” an electoral coup d’état’.

The election commission Thursday announced in Kinshasa the provisional final results are known. Tshisekedi wins more than 7 of the 18 million votes cast. After him follows the other important oppositiekandidaat, Martin Fayulu, that 6 million votes would have won. The candidate of the ruling party, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, would be only 4 million votes. A simple majority is sufficient for the victory of the presidential elections, which took place on 30 december 2018.

The outcome is surprisingly, a lot of Congolese went there last night from that meerderheidskandidaat Ramazani Shadary would be declared to be the winner, despite a poor result. But there was yesterday already a strong rumor mill in motion about an agreement between the entourage of the outgoing president Joseph Kabila and oppositiekandidaat Félix Tshisekedi latter as the winner and future president forward would have to be pushed.


The catholic church, which is in the Congo, very influential, called Fayulu – the consensuskandidaar of five opposition movements – previously from the winner of the elections. They based themselves on the findings of 40,000 electoral observers. Still, it was Tshisekedi, therefore, be declared the winner. After the understanding of the results, were supporters of Tshisekedi in the streets of Kinshasa, celebrating.

Fayulu speaks in a first response about an ‘electoral coup’. He calls for electoral observers to see the real results of the elections to publish. According to Fayulu have the results of the election commission ‘has nothing to do with the truth of the voting booth’.

Who is Tshisekedi?

Tshisekedi is the 55-year-old son of the former premier and long-standing opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi. His father died in 2017 in our country. Félix Tshisekedi promised during the campaign to the corruption and poverty, and the rest to recover in the unstable country, that still has to deal with several armed conflicts.

After the publication of the results brought Tshisekedi tribute to president Joseph Kabila, that he was an ” important political partner.” ‘Today we have him no longer regard as an enemy, but rather as a partner in the democratic transition of our country.’

The new president should already be on the 18th of January to take an oath, although the elections in some regions could not continue which is plagued by unrest and the ebola epidemic. So were 1.25 million of the 40 million eligible voters excluded. The elections will be there in march to take place. In the elections on december 30, were also provincial representatives and a new parliament elected.

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