Ex-Miss Belgium Romanie Schotte promises date to 10,000 th follower

b14f5491a857ef22c689d4f01b39f4f5 - Ex-Miss Belgium Romanie Schotte promises date to 10,000 th follower

Romanie Schotte is the victim of a hacker. Recently disappeared suddenly her thousands of followers, but in the meantime, she has her Instagram account back. To its previous number of followers back to reach, she now a fun challenge.

Last Sunday noticed Romanie Schotte that they suddenly no longer on her own Instagram profile could log in. A hacker had his password changed, and her profile will be deactivated. “When I came home, I saw my profile picture. But it was that I have no followers and no people followed,” she says in het Nieuwsblad.

The 21-year-old fine, who in 2017 was elected the prettiest woman of the country, saw her 14.100 followers disappear into nothing. No joke, since a large part of her income from her Instagram activities come. “Of course, I was equally in all states. Most of my jobs as a model and sponsorship to come through that platform. Fortunately, understand my sponsors the situation, but it is so difficult to establish new contacts. In addition, I am in the middle of the block, and I have tomorrow is my second exam. This could not be any worse fall”, it sounds.

Thanks to an Antwerp company, she got her Instagram profile back. The handsome brunette hopes now as quickly as possible back to its original number of followers to get. She now is an original challenge idea. Her ten-thousandth Instagram-follower is allowed to be on a date with her. “Let us there is a challenge to hang. With the ten-thousandth follower on my new profile I will go on a date,” she says, laughing.

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