Ex-lawyer Trump goes in front of Congress to testify

886118fea4182d04d7e4dc08bae2ef2a - Ex-lawyer Trump goes in front of Congress to testify

Michael Cohen, the ex-lawyer of Donald Trump, on 7 February at a public hearing testify before the U.s. Congress.

In a communication, says Cohen, that he has an invitation from the president of the competent commission has accepted. “I look forward to a full and credible version of the events.”

The testimony can the image of president Donald Trump even more damage. As a personal lawyer, confidant and fixer, he had for many years access to Trumps inner circle, and he was a privileged witness of the key moments in which, inter alia, by special prosecutor Robert Mueller to be investigated. Muellers research focuses on the Russian intervention of the Us presidential election.

During the hearing may Cohen, in his testimony under oath on national television to share. It is not yet clear whether he is allowed to talk about cases that are still under research fall.


Because of some dubious interventions in the run up to the presidential elections of 2016, he developed more and more into legal trouble. That led to a series of charges: violation of the rules on campaign funding, tax evasion and lying opposite banks. Eventually, he returned Home to the back.

In december, Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison because he lied about the illegal payment of zwijggeld to two women who claimed that she was having an affair had had it with Trump. In the hope of a mild punishment, stated Cohen in that his confessions to him a liberating feeling gifts.

According to Trump has Cohen up against the prosecutors lied to a milder punishment.

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