Drugsbaas ‘El Chapo’ spied on his wife and mistress

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The Mexican drugsbaas Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán spied on his wife, lover and closest co-workers via their mobile phones. That turned out to be on trial in New York.

Guzmán had spyware installed on the mobile phones of some staff. That said a key witness at the trial. It comes to the engineer Christian Rodriguez, who from 2008 to 2012 for the drugsbaas worked and a secure system for communication worked out.

Rodriguez stated that he was on the question of ‘El Chapo’ spyware on some fifty phones installed. This could Guzmán the users, their calls and text messages to follow. With the microphone of the apparatus, he could even make recordings without the user’s knowledge.

The technician started with the FBI to work together when he was still in the service of Guzmán. This gave investigators access to the secure telephone network of the cartel. And that proved a gold mine to a criminal communication.

The drugsbaas would the technology as ‘his toy’. Often he used to hear what people around him said right after he had them dialed.


In some of the text messages communicated Guzmán and his wife, Emma Coronel, about the dangers of the kartelleven. So he advised his wife that they have a ‘normal life to lead’. Coronel assured that they are still the gun had him had gotten. After a raid showed the drugsbaas know that he is under more of a sweatpants, underwear, aftershave and black hair dye for his moustache could use.

The couple talked about a birthday party for their twin daughters. ‘Kiki is fearless, said Guzmán. “I’m going her an AK-47 to give that they with me may go up.’ The children were then not yet two years old.

On the process were also romantic messages read aloud to you between the drugsbaas and another woman, Event Cabanillas. They spoke to him with ‘love’. In addition, it discussed the two cases, including the transportation of a large batch of cocaine to Los Angeles. From the messages it appears that they have an important role in the cartel played.

At the same time distrusted Cabanillas her lover. A friend called them Guzmán a ‘jerk’ that its trying to spy on you. “But I’m much smarter than he.”

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