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Belgian truck is still in the desert in the Dakar rally

The Belgian truck of Peter Van Delm, Kurt Keysers and Steven Vaesen (Ford) still stands in the dunes. During the second Dakarrit rolled their truck after which they no longer wanted to start. Thursday is a new attempt to get the truck out of the dunes.

“The Dakar really starts when you’re off course,” says Kurt Keysers from the Peruvian Pisco. “Yves Rutten wanted to us yesterday come and help but has ultimately not done because he is after the day of rest would not be allowed to restart. Together with some locals we tried the truck to repair it, but that didn’t work out.”

“Today, Peter and I, together with people from here try the truck out of the dunes to drag. There are trucks and bulldozers deployed. Currently, we are thinking not to on Sunday whether or not to restart. Personally, I think this becomes difficult. The first concern is to get the engine to start and then we get to the bivouac in Arequipa can drive.”

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