Avalanche thunders restaurant within

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In the east of Switzerland is an avalanche in the restaurant of a hotel gedonderd. Several people would be injured.

The sneeuwmassa came in the late afternoon down on the Schwägalp in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. Vehicles were buried, and the avalanche came to the restaurant from the hotel Säntis. Parts of them were buried.

A man in the restaurant was, saw the snow suddenly be rolling in. “There was a lot of noise,” he says. At the time of the avalanche there were not many people present in the restaurant. Three people should injuries hit. The emergency services are still looking for possible missing persons.


In the meantime, the threat of winter weather throughout the Alps still larger. In Germany and Austria are whole villages by the snow closed off from the outside world. Popular winter destination as Obertauern, Lech, Zürs and Hallstatt, as well as Wednesday, not accessible. Also the ore mountains in the Czech republic is heavily affected by the winter weather.

In Austria since last weekend been at least seven people have died in the snow. Wednesday, died in a 16-year-old German Australian when he before the eyes of his family by an avalanche was seized.

Improvement, moreover, is not immediately in sight, on the contrary: this weekend a new storm expected to re-fresh loads of snow brings with it.

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