VTM digs into his own past this spring

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VTM is 30 years and that the viewer will have known. The transmitter digs this spring in his own past, shows, retrospectives and fiction. With highlights like: the return of “Blind Date” and the first fiction series from Emmy-winner Tim Van Aelst.

The dating show “Blind Date” was in the early years, one of the showpieces of the commercial broadcaster. Three men/women are hidden behind a wall, and the candidate on the other side questions them in the hope to find the right date to pick. The couple leaves then on a journey.

“On the basis nothing has changed,” says creative director Davy Parmentier. That means: the same iconic jingle, the well-known podiumtrap and the same voice that the candidates appealing to announce. The presenter is new: Nathalie Meskens in the footsteps of Ingeborg.

Also new is that there are now two “hunters” against three “prey”, and that in a new round an acquaintance of the candidate to the word. For example: mother who comes to tell her that her son once a week constipated has been after he Imodium had swallowed in place of a Motilium.

Who is this humiliation not want to witness, maybe a sweet find via “Blind Married”. That program is in its fourth season. Many as 3,700 people have registered to marry someone they don’t know. “If there is a taboo on this program was, it is now really broken,” says program director Ricus Jansegers. Who out of the boat, can the farmer. Also “Farmer wants a Wife” will always exist, again with farmers abroad.

Back to 30 years, VTM. The acclaimed producer Tim Van Aelst, who recently an Emmy win for “How will I say this? “, ventured with his production house Shelter for the first time in a fiction series. “Studio Tarara” is a dramareeks that goes on behind the scenes of a VTM-sketchprogramma in 1993. “From the thumb sucked, but we draw, of course, from our own experiences and the stories of when,” says Van Aelst.

Thirty years ago, VTM are startshow in the Kursaal of Ostend, choose the transmitter for a party at the pop-up theatre of Studio 100 in Puurs, where the musical 40-45 runs. The verjaardagsshow comes out on 1 February on tv and is a “series of surprising VTM-moments, with programs and faces of the past and the present”.

The same age as VTM the VTM NEWS. On that birthday, VTM, from January 22, a three-part series. Faces of the past and the present tell how they are the large nieuwsmomenten of the past years have experienced. “We find that people ask a lot of questions about the news. We’ll give them a look behind the scenes,” says editor-in-chief Nicholas Lataire.

In total presents VTM this spring, eleven new programs and a lot of new seasons of succesprogramma. Confidence is high in the Medialaan. Especially after an autumn with good ratings. “We have our best result since 2002,” says Jansegers.

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