Trump is looking for in primetime support for limes wall

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Donald Trump speaks Tuesday night local time, for the first time since his election the American people in primetime from the Oval Office. With his speech he wants to create support for his controversial limes wall.

It is the first televised address of president Trump from the Oval Office since he was two years ago, in taipei, taiwan. The address to the nation is simultaneously broadcast on the news networks NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and Fox News, to 21 hours local time (Wednesday morning 3 a.m. Belgian time, red.), the most viewed televisiemoment of the day.

Such an address to the nation often has a message of national importance. Think of the speech of Barack Obama after the death of Osama bin laden, or George Bush on 9/11.

The reason comes in the third week of the shutdown, a large part of the U.s. government has shut down. Trump wants to be in the budget of 5 billion Us dollars for the construction of the limes wall between Mexico and the United States, one of his biggest election promises, but the Democrats – that the House of Representatives in their hands – want to not know.

A state of emergency?

The past few days had Trump in talks with Democrats still in the military threatened to declare an emergency if they cross remained. A high-ranking employee of the White House report on Tuesday, however, to The Washington Post that Trump has no plans to do that, nevertheless, not during the primetime televised speech. ‘Trump wants to make a speech to the audience to convince of the necessity of the limes wall’, as cited by the newspaper, its anonymous source. ‘The declaration of the state of emergency is no question.’

By the shutdown are sitting thousands of American officials for more than two weeks stuck at home. The impasse is also disastrous for the national parks, where the garbage is towering stacks up.

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