Trump in a speech to the nation: “How much American blood must still flow for the Congress to do its work?’

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Tuesday night U.s. time, on the 18th day of the shutdown, president Donald Trump for the first time, a speech given from his ” Oval Office in the White House to the nation, broadcast live on most Us tv channels.

Donald Trump had it in the approximately eight-minute speech from behind his desk about the growing humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border’.

According to the president many thousands of people illegally through that border, but the US has no more place to catch and no way to send them back.

‘All Americans suffer from uncontrolled illegal migration. Among the hardest hit are African-Americans and Latin-Americans.’

Trump pointed to the drugs through the border to be smuggled and a lot of lives requirements. He claimed that 266.000 criminal illegal immigrants were apprehended, and that over the years, thousands of Americans killed by illegal aliens. “Thousands of others will be killed if we don’t intervene immediately.’

“This is also a crisis of the heart and the soul,” says Trump. “Children are illegally in the country recruited and used as human pawns by ruthless coyotes and gangs. Women are abused. Women and children are the victims and I am determined that this human suffering to an end.’

According to Trump, would his budget proposal America safe keeping, ‘safer than ever’. In addition to other measures, such as material for the detection of drugs and medical help, it is according to him the requested $ 5.7 billion for the limes wall, is essential. At the request of the Democrats, who would be out of steel, not cement. According to Trump, the wall is absolutely essential and that just makes sense. The wall would “very quickly” pay for themselves, in comparison with the costs through drug trafficking. ‘The wall will also indirectly be paid by the new trade agreement with Mexico.”

Trump said that Democrats are actually not against a wall, but were of opinion changed after he became president. “They deny the crisis, to give in and refuse the necessary funds. The shutdown is there is only one reason: because the Democrats are the security of the border do not want to finance. My administration is doing everything they can to fix this, but the only solution is that the Democrats are the financing approval. Hopefully we can above party politics to undress to the national security.’

About the suggestion that a wall be immoral would be, said Trump: “Why put rich politicians than walls around their houses? Not because they are the people outside of it hate, but because they love the people inside it. The only thing that is really immoral, is to do nothing, and Americans to let them die by illegal immigrants. Every day valuable lives are taken by people who have no right to be here.’

“During the last few years I have dozens of families met of loved ones who were stolen by illegal immigrants. It is so sad. I will never be the pain in their eyes, forget it.”

Trump said that he and the leaders of the Congress has invited for new negotiations on the issue.

“How much more American blood must flow before the Congress does its job? For those who refuse a compromise: imagine that your loved ones were. To the members of congress: adopt the budget law that this crisis ends. To the people: contact your Congressmen. This is a choice between right and wrong, justice and injustice. It is our duty.”

‘When I took the oath as president, I promised that I our country is supposed to protect. And so help me God, that is what I will do.”

Already the third week shutdown

The shutdown in the U.S. is in its third week to work, since the Democrats in the Us Congress refused to Trumps budget proposal to approve which about $ 5.6 billion (4.9 billion euros) asked for his promised wall on the border with Mexico.

The president refuses to make a budget law to sign if the amount for the wall have not been included. The budget was therefore blocked, by which a part of the American administrations since december 22 is closed, and hundreds of thousands of civil servants sitting at home or without pay to work.

Attempts to find a compromise, which failed, and Trump threatened already to the shutdown, if necessary, months, even years. To the limes wall, to be able to build without agreement of the Congress, would Trump even the national declare a state of emergency, he said. He would then 1 to 2 billion funds of Defence.

Legal experts warned, however, that such a proclamation of a state of emergency in legal terms probably would not work. During his speech was no question of that emergency.

Democrats: ‘Misinformation’

The president of the House of Representatives, Democrate Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer gave shortly after Trumps speech a statement as a reply.

Pelosi said that ” unfortunately, much of what we have just heard is full of misinformation was. ‘Trump has fear are chosen.” According to her wants Trump is no compromise to approve from his obsession with the limes wall, and he has chosen to critical services hostage to keep. “And that is just wrong.’

“We all agree that our borders need to protect while we have our values respected.’ According to her, women and children are not a security threat but a humanitarian drama. ‘President Trump needs to stop with people being held hostage.’

According to Schumer, is the crisis the result of the president who failed to make it to Mexico do pay for the wall and not be able to work the Congress and the people to convince. “No president would be on the table to save and the government do because he his sentence will be.” “The president has called on fear, not facts.’

‘Democrats and the president both want a stronger security at the border, but are only not agree about the best way to do that.’

“The shutdown should be disconnected from the debate about the security of the border. That is no excuse for millions of Americans to suffer.’

“Most of the presidents used speeches from the Oval Office for noble purposes. This was used to create a crisis to manufacture.’

“There are no challenges so large that we cannot handle. We can do this without an expensive and useless wall. The symbol of America would be the Statue of liberty, not nine meter high wall.’

Schumer called Trump on the government to reopen, “then we can work out our differences on border protection to resolve’. “But to end this shutdown.’


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