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The world food programme relies on Blockchain Coin Hero

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The world food programme relies on Blockchain

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Matthias Nemack –

Also in connection with the refugee crisis, the Blockchain can be useful. The example shows from the Jordanian Zaatarie very clearly.

Pay by Iris-examination within the Blockchain

Even if in this case there is no direct connection with Bitcoin or Ethereum, so the reports on the refugee camp in Jordan show the present day: the Blockchain has many application options and fees is primarily characterized by low transaction. In Zaatarie the world food programme now uses a new System based on the Blockchain and the non-cash Pay in the said bearing. In addition, an Iris is used in the case of payments of food and other things of everyday life in the warehouse-supermarket-Scanner. This, in turn, provides for a transparent allocation of the transactions in the Pay.

A German company involved in the development

As a Partner of the program is carried out by the Munich-based developer Datarella. More important, however, the statements of those responsible for the world food programme. The transition to the Blockchain, as they come, for example, in the case of the currency, Litecoin, in different speeds and versions, has put the decision makers at the program as a gold the correct way. Not alone due to the lower and secure process with payments, which had previously been relatively open to abuse, while the encoded decentralized System has the reputation of a fake safe environment.

World food programme commends, in particular, the low cost

Above all, the Blockchain has a cost-the internal Bank also benefits. The payments are of a weeks to be processed as a one-time payment. The advantage of this approach is the lower Bank charges for the world food programme, speaks in his opinions is up to 3.0 % potential saving per payment. This year alone, approximately half a Million people are to receive on-the-spot access to the new Blockchain, which bears the name of “Building block System”. The program would like to expand its activities – for example, (High-) schools and hospitals.

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