Teenagers who perished in a fire in Polish escape room were pathetic

The victims of the fire in an escape room in the Polish Koszalin had no chance for the disaster to survive, so says the public prosecutor’s office in Poland that the matter be explored.

‘The door handle on the inside of the door was unscrewed and was buried’, says spokesman Ryszard Gasiorowsk.

Also from the outside, could there be through the flames, no one at the girls get. ‘There was no other way out than the door is closed, ” said Gasiorowski. The windows were with drywall completed.

The door handle was a part of the game, where the participants are under time pressure from the space to escape where they are trapped.

Five 15-year-olds death

For five girls of 15 years turned out to be the escape room is a deadly trap from which they cannot weggeraakten. The girls played the game on the occasion of a birthday. Thursday they will be buried. A 25-year-old employee sustained heavy burns.

The 28-year-old owner of the escape room is picked up. He is accused of security breaches and manslaughter by negligence. He faced eight years in prison.

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