Rudolf Hecke and Gust De Coster on tour

c3ef5615c62e6b521d13cfcd9c075739 - Rudolf Hecke and Gust De Coster on tour

Both Gainsbourg books of Rudolf Hecke were by the media praised, and his latest book, ‘The sixties’, sharing the same fate. After the successful Gainsbourg theatertours which Rudolf proved that he is not only an inspired writer but also an excellent narrator, he throws all the brakes are off with the musical vertelspektakel ‘Child of the Sixties”.

Two hours of rapture and amazement, hilarious passages alternate with emotional stops, a trip down memory lane and topical. Stories to thumbs and fingers-licking good, drenched in memorable sixties songs, brought by an explosive live band and to trance to moving live interventions of sitarvirtuoos Nicolas Mortelmans.

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