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RippleNet counts more than 200 members worldwide growth

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RippleNet counts more than 200 members all over the world – strong growth in a short period of time

Home News RippleNet counts more than 200 members all over the world – strong growth in a short period of time

Marcel Knobloch –

The demand for an alternative solution for cross-border credit Transfers is rising around the world, thanks to continued high costs and long waiting times until a transaction is actually received by the recipient. Ripple has entered this niche market with its software solutions, and has already convinced more than 200 members of the technology.

The list of companies beigtreteten the RippleNet is growing steadily and includes the latest message from Ripple itself, with more than 200 partners. Finally, 13 new have registered for the heavyweights of the financial industry in RippleNet, Exim Bank, SendFriend, JNFX, FTCS, Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Transpaygo, BFC Bahrain, ConnectPay, GMT, WorldCom, Finance, Olympia Trust Company, Pontual / USEND and Rendimento. Furthermore, Ripple reveals that 5 new customers to use the Digital Asset XRP, to process your payments. These include:

  • JNFX, a London based foreign exchange company
  • SendFriend, New York’s Fintech for the global money transfer market
  • Transpaygo, Vienna Fintech for mobile payments
  • Financial Transaction Control system (FTCS), a Stockholm based company, the financial infrastructure builds

By using the XRP Tokens the necessary pre-financing, falling away for the use of financial institution costs, as the Liqzuidität is provided by the digital Asset itself. As a result, it is possible for Transfers across national borders faster and cheaper, as about the possibilities of the traditional banking system. Many of our partners, as well as the foreign exchange company, JNFX, see Ripple’s block chain payment solutions is a Chance to overcome the inefficiency of the old system. ASHI Mervyn, the head of the marketing Department at JNFX, (freely translated):

Payments between countries are fraught with inefficiencies – inefficiencies in the cost, inefficiencies in the speed and inefficiencies in the transparency. RippleNet is specifically geared to these problems. For our customers, from the largest conglomerates in Africa (with operations and commitments in over 40 countries) to individuals in villages in rural Nigeria, makes our decision to RippleNet to connect and use their payment solution – including XRP for On-Demand liquidity-that just makes sense.

According to a statement from the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, came in the last year, more than 100 new partners to RippleNet. At the present time, two to three new signatures and hence new collaborations per week. The number of customers increases, the advantage of the use of XRP see also (freely translated):

We have found in the past year, an increase of 350% in the customers Live to make payments, and we see that more and more customers from flipping the switch and XRP for the on-demand liquidity.

Even if the Startup Ripple is a hotly debated project of the not all crypto fans are convinced, is progressing on the adaptation.

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