Republican support for Trump appears to have cracks

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Donald Trump has still not the state of emergency was declared due to the ‘immigratiecrisis’ on America’s southern border, after there is also Republican opposition was raised against that idea. That the Republican support for the president gradually cracking shows, push Trump into his (self-chosen) isolation.

The American news media had by the end of Tuesday again a fat tough to refute the false and misleading information in the speech that president Trump from the Oval Office to the nation …

The American news media had by the end of Tuesday again a fat tough to refute the false and misleading information in the speech that president Trump from the Oval Office to the nation had taken. Trump spoke to the American people directly to support for the wall that he wants to build America’s southern border with Mexico. That is the only way he sees to address the serious ‘security crisis’, because the head has to offer.

But according to The Washington Post exaggerates the president Trump the “crisis” on the southern border, where the number of catching immigrants illegally crossing the lowest point is approaching in twenty years. The reputable newspaper also notes that Trump speaks of the ‘thousands per day’ which are caught as they illegally cross the border, while his own government last year held a daily average of a few hundred. The president claimed in his speech that ‘ninety percent’ of heroin into the USA via that border is smuggled, while in reality the vast majority of heroin through legal road America. A limes wall, would therefore not change the import of that harddrug.

No “terrorists,” and more

Again mentioned Trump even serious crimes in one breath with the crimes without violence, such as illegal immigration. It fell, however, on what this time is, do not said: he claimed in his speech is no longer that ‘terrorists’ crossing the border, after earlier this week, even Fox News , that assertion openly had refuted.

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the spokeswoman of the White House, in the tv studio of Fox claimed that ” four thousand terrorists in the country are entered, and that our southern border is at its most vulnerable’, corrected nieuwsanker Chris Wallace her by pointing out that the four terrorists on the border with Mexico, but in American airports were captured.

Fox News is not the only Trump-bastion, where support for the president cracked look. Also among the Republicans in the House of Representatives prevails division. Some Republican Congressmen have ears to the Democratic plans for most government departments to reopen and put an end to the ‘shutdown’, even though that would in practice mean that Trump, in addition to the $ 5.7 billion seizes, he demands for a limes wall.

Also in the Senate, there is concern about Trumps strategy. Similarly, the Republican senator Lisa Murkowski that border security should not be linked to the functioning of, or the offer of the federal government. Murkowski represents Alaska, a state with much federal land and a lot of staff in the public service.

At the expense of the army

There was also objection from members of the Defensiecommissie in the House, against the possible promulgation of a state of emergency to which limes wall to build. Trump said in recent days that he played with that idea, making a piece of already reserved military budget for the wall could be used, without the president any new permission would have to ask Congress.

That was not to the liking of some Republicans in the House, whose own role in that case would be reduced. Mac Thornberry, the most important Republican in the Defensiecommissie of the House, said explicitly that he is ” against the use of military budgets for non-military purposes’. These cracks in the Republican constituency financial markets Trump-loyalist Sean Hannity on Fox to Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the opposition in the House, to ask whether the ‘support for the president among Republicans in the House and Senate, however, is intact’.

The cracks in that support push Trump deeper and deeper into his – self – isolation. He made a limes wall between America and Mexico (which he at first falsely claimed that Mexico would pay) is by far his most important campagnebelofte, while he conjectured as a master dealmaker. For example, Trump himself clamp. The wall was becoming more and more important for him, to the point that for this ‘one-issue president’, but only a few other cases seem to count.

Also Democrats are for strict grensbewakingDonald Trump and the loyalists in his constituency claiming that the limes wall urgently needs to be built, because ‘the borders now open’. In reality, it is one third of the 3,200 kilometer-long border, all enclosed with fencing, or with sensors. The first of two fences on the border between San Diego (California) and Tijuana, Mexico was built in 1994, during the presidency of Democrat Bill Clinton. Both Democratic as Republican presidents have always heavily used in border surveillance, inter alia, by the number of grensagenten to increase significantly.

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