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Re-examination of R. Kelly after documentary: ‘Very disturbing’

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The American court take action to re-action against R. Kelly, after the broadcast of a damaging documentary about the singer. The public prosecutor wants the allegations of pedophilia and sexual aggression clarify.

The attorney of Cook County, in the state of Illinois, where R. Kelly’s hometown of Chicago is one of them, held Tuesday a press conference to make a call to witness. “Please, take contact with us,” said attorney Kim Foxx. “We can’t investigate those allegations without the cooperation of victims and witnesses.”

Sex slaves

In the documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly, who is six hours long and last week was sent out on kabelzender Lifetime, accuse various women the singer that he is having sexual relations with young girls under the age of sixteen years, when he reached the age of majority. Other witnesses say that Robert Sylvester Kelly, as the singer really is hot, surrounded with women of whom he had sex slaves has been made, and today they are isolated from their environment.

Attorney Foxx said Tuesday that the allegations are ” very, very worrying’. They are also said to be in contact with two families of young girls who are currently in the grip of R. Kelly.

In Georgia, where R. Kelly also has a house, messages to local media that the attorney of Fulton County, where Atlanta belongs, has launched an investigation. A spokesman refused to comment.

First accusations, already 20 years old

A lawyer of the family of one of the women in the documentary is called, Jocelyn Savage, said Tuesday several local media that the public prosecutor’s office with her contact about R. Kelly.

The first public accusations against Kelly date back to about twenty years ago. The singer and producer of 52 years, known for his hit ” I believe I can fly’, was in suspicion in 2002 because he filmed had how he had sex with a girl of fourteen. He was in 2008 acquitted.

R. Kelly has not yet responded to the documentary, which is Thursday, Friday and Saturday was broadcast. He has the allegations of abuse, always denied.

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