Oxfam condemns EU for the ‘hell’ of Lesbos

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The most vulnerable people in the hotspots too little protection, writes Oxfam in a report about the refugee camps in Greece. ‘Women wear pampers at night, the tent not to have to leave.’

Pregnant women and mothers with babies sleeping in tents, unaccompanied children are detained, victims of sexual abuse have to be in unsafe areas in the camp Moriah to stay. The list of deficiencies in the hotspots in Greece for a long time. Oxfam released today a report on ‘vulnerable and abandoned’. A day after the death of a 24-year-old migrant from Cameroon in Moria.

Moria is one of the five camps on the islands of Lesbos, Samos, Chios, Kos and Leros. The camps were there in the spring of 2016 after the EU-Turkey deal. People seeking asylum, would have to travel to the Greek mainland, rejected asylum seekers should go back to Turkey. But easy that in practice it is not. In Moria stays five thousand refugees and migrants, while there is actually room for three thousand. In a informal comb in addition to Morialeven a further 2,000 people.


The safety and health leaves to be desired, according to Oxfam. The most vulnerable people – including pregnant women, single parents with children, have recently given birth women, etc. – according to the Greek law, extra protection and good support. “But the doctor who must determine whether or not people to this group of most vulnerable persons are, in november 2018 resigned. For a month there was no one to replace him.’

The consequences are huge. Sonia Andreu, manager of the Bashira Centre for migrants in Lesvos: “I see Moria as hell. I know women who four days after a caesarean section back were sent to Moria with their baby. They should recover in dirty, unhealthy conditions.’

Two in three say they never feel safe in Moria. Fighting between asylum seekers regularly. ‘In some extreme situations, wear the women a pamper night, so that they do not go to the toilet in the dark.’

And wait, and wait

The camp is not equipped for cold temperatures, heavy rain and snow. People have at the same time, little hope for improvement: the treatment of their asieldossier is a long time to wait. ‘Due to a lack of staff, a lot of people who are now in Lesbos arrive to have patience until 2020 for their first interview with the asylum agencies.’

Oxfam will find both the Greek government and the other EU-member states are responsible for the situation on the islands.

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