Observers warn the election commission Congo: ‘Only results from the ballot box to publish’

f05fee37fbe40620d4ae6f9b616e4055 - Observers warn the election commission Congo: ‘Only results from the ballot box to publish’

The Congolese electoral commission (Ceni) said Wednesday evening at 23: 00 finally, the provisional results of the presidential elections is known. Election observers warn the commission in advance the will of the people to respect. The meeting of that commission expires noisy.

‘Only the results from the polls are concluded, and may be published, ” according to a joint statement from three organizations in late december, having overseen the development of the Congolese presidential elections.

The warning was Wednesday the world sent in by the Congolese bishops ‘ conference Cenco, the protestant ECC and the ngo Symocel. They were with tens of thousands of observers present during the presidential elections of the 30th of december.

“The country is waiting for celebration at the announcement of the elected president, not of sadness and even less on violence,” as mention the three organizations. Further request the society to the candidates to their supporters not to turn to violence and to join a dispute, ” the resort to judicial means’.

Deadline not met

Originally, the election commission Sunday, January 6, provided for the publication of the provisional results, but that deadline was not met. Tuesday allowed the regime of current president Joseph Kabila dozens of heavily armed security agents integrate on the central boulevard of Kinshasa, near the offices of the election commission.

The members of the election commission are already sitting since Tuesday in a conclave to the preliminary election results to discuss. That is not without a hitch. A representative of oppositiekandidaat Martin Fayulu at the election commission is in the early evening with doors slamming left the meeting. ‘It runs not properly,’ she said. ‘Kabila is just the successor to the indicate, like the Congo are family-affair’.


The presidential election of december 30, the successor designate of president Joseph Kabila, who is not a candidate could be for a new term. Three candidates did a throw to the presidency: ex-minister of Home Affairs Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, who has the support of Kabila, and the opponents of Martin Fayulu, and Félix Tshisekedi.

In Congo talks of the rumors that Martin Fayulu last week Sunday, the elections convincingly won and therefore, in principle, on January 18, the new president of Congo. It is also full of speculation about a rapprochement between the camp of Kabila and Tshisekedi.

The U.s. embassy in Kinshasa Wednesday all Americans advised to leave the country, out of fear for changes violence.

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