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NEO rate rises to 13% in 24 hours – Possible reason: Russia? – Coin Hero

e007b056ed2e9601ffa6469a8177f496 - NEO rate rises to 13% in 24 hours - Possible reason: Russia? - Coin Hero

NEO rate rises to 13% in 24 hours – Possible reason: Russia?

Home News NEO price rises of 13% in 24 hours – Possible reason: Russia?

Marcus Misiak –

A new report claims that the Russian government has asked a question on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin on a partnership with the developers of the NEO-Blockchain platform. Perhaps, therefore, the NEO rate is increased in the last 24 hours by 13% in the past week 20% after the rumors are currently inflamed.

Since their lows in mid-December, has recovered to the crypto currency market a bit and making slow but solid progress in the new year. Some crypto-cut currencies better than others, Tron is the one and NEO on the Other, to outperform the market in the last few days.

What relates to NEO, could be a reason that the NEO has received center of excellence in St. Petersburg a Letter from the “Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain”, a collaboration “according to the desire of the President of the Russian Federation, Mr Vladimir Putin, is required. Although the letter is already a bit older, however, the discussion in the NEO is inflamed Reddit with rumors and speculation about this collaboration back strong and could have worn the current rally.

The rumors are also to be seen in conjunction with the anticipation of new U.S. sanctions against Russia that the sanctions could invest in the Russian government to take huge sums of money in Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. Vladislav Ginko, a lecturer at the Russian presidential Academy of national economy and public administration in Moscow, said:

Due to U.S. sanctions, the Russian Elite is forced to US assets and the US Dollar to unload, and to invest heavily in Bitcoins. The Russian Central Bank has over 466 billion dollars in reserves and needs to diversify, if there are (in the future) only limited ways to do this…. I think that the Russian government will begin in February of this year in order to diversify their reserves with Bitcoin, if the US Congress will introduce new sanctions against Russia.

A copy of the letter sent by the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to the NEO Competence Centre in St. Petersburg, was on released.

The report States that a possible relationship between the two organizations for the first time at 12. December 2017 was discussed in the administration of the President of the Russian Federation. Three months later, the Association informed the NEO-competence center that it was “ready to provide all-round support”. The relationship should be “unique for NEO” and was founded to promote “the Integration of the Blockchain in the Russian economy”.

Vladimir Putin has previously approved the Blockchain and not “said, that it was for Russia late in the race”, in order to adapt the technology.

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