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Mercedes threatens to as the ‘series winner’ F1 fans to lose

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Mercedes this year in Formula 1 on the hunt for the record of Ferrari between 1999 and 2004, and the six consecutive titles at the manufacturers knew to conquer. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff hopes that the dominance of his team, their however, no fans will cost in the long term.

Most fans would prefer to see an unexpected winner than the one that everyone expected, that is, in the majority of the sports event and also the Formula 1 escaped there. However, We should note that the last five years the same team with the world title to remove is gone and that there is three top teams while the rest with the crumbs.

Last year there was even hope that Ferrari, Mercedes fire to the shins would start to lay but a dramatic second half of the season decided differently. The ‘Silberpfeile’ are already five years of life, and the question is, or there in the near future, change will come.

Such a period of dominance may have the effect that the fans themselves against the veelwinnaars start times and the phenomenon is also Toto Wolff is not strange.

“I think that it is the nature of the fans is in order for the underdog to cheer,” said Wolff against ‘Reuters.’ “Series-winners lose some of their appeal.”

“What we are trying to do is to get our sport to approach in a modest and humble way, nothing is obvious for us. We may never have the feeling that the victory we deserve.”

“You can, to a certain level, as these values will be true to you fanbasis growing. They will also for you to continue cheering, even though you have a few times in a row won.”

In the case of Mercedes, the next few years, a number of records at your fingertips. They can the record of six consecutive titles at least match Lewis Hamilton, for example, would also be on the prowl can go to the seven world titles of Michael Schumacher.

“There will be two groups,” Wolff continued. “One group will be our opponents support and hope that we will not succeed and the other group will think: “Well, this is exciting. Will Mercedes succeed in the record of Ferrari to match? Will Lewis Hamilton manage to get the record of Michael Schumacher to top that?’”

“We are very motivated after we get the record of five consecutive double world titles with Ferrari have matched and the sixth is on the way,” concludes Wolff

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