Lesley-Ann Poppe in diet

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Lesley-Ann Poppe moisture in 2018 against the pounds but seemed to be finally won the battle. Today, Lesley-Ann, however, that they will be in 2019 again on a diet will have. The goal of Lesley-Ann Poppe is 60 kilos. Just for the holidays, there was 63 kilos on the scales and she was close to her goal, but during the holidays there’s all sorts of goodies on the table and that is not the moment you have a lot of attention to your weight spend. So Lesley-Ann Poppe again to diets. Lesley-Ann Poppe links to her diet also time intensive sportsessies. Healthy eating and intensive exercise should not only provide you with some kilos less, but also need to make sure that Lesley-Ann in 2019 lots of levels. Lesley-Ann Poppe is buzzing after all of the plans.

Lesley-Ann Poppe runs together with her friend Kevin Lebreton the Beauty & Lifestyle Academy and that has become a great success. The couple dreams of being in New York, opening a branch but those plans are stored. The success of the school is so great in Flanders that there currently is no time to make the crossing to America. Additionally, open Lesley-Ann and Kevin this year also a shop with beauty products near the Meir in Antwerp. Now, they sell beauty products to the Academy to their students and they run a web shop, but the demand is already so great that they are still not advertising for that shop. “Otherwise, we can the question is not,” reveals Lesley-Ann in TV Family. It is Lesley-Ann Poppe clear for the wind. The voluptuous blonde that is nude in Playboy, is a celebrated businesswoman. She has regretted all her sexy photo shoots?

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